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Daily Oral Language (DOL: A strategy for building student success in learning grammar, punctuation and spelling skills)

Daily Oral Language (DOL) is a cost effective, time saving strategy that pays off.

Here is what is involved in using the strategy.

A time is scheduled each day for the teacher to discuss material that is either written on the board or projected with an overhead projector or LCD projector. This selection contains several sentences that have errors that will be corrected orally.

The teacher asks students for suggestions in finding all the corrections.

The teacher can also ask the students to write the corrected sentences, or to fill in a bubble sheet similar to that used in a high-stakes test. Here is a sample of what one of these preprinted sheets might look like.

Bubble Sheet Sample

Here is a link to a PDF file for such a Bubble Sheet

Experience has shown that students can master finding the errors (or re-write the sentences correctly) without being able to categorize the errors on a bubble sheet. For this reason, we recommend that the teacher alternates between each of these methods.

The most important thing about DOL assignments is that are short and interesting. The students will automatically check out, review, plan ahead if the sentences are written on the board for them to see before the activity starts. This is one benefit of writing the DOL material on the board.

The most strategic thing that a teacher can do with the DOL is to make the DOL coincided with the thematic unit that the class is immersed in.

If the teacher can write these DOL lessons (or use the ones that we provide on this Web site, then students are highly interested in the ongoing story line, as well as related information about the thematic unit.

Our newsletter will include sample DOLs, DOMs and DOVs for various thematic units.

Here is a link to a listing of sample DOLs..

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